The Boudoir Experience


Why Boudoir?

Boudoir is an incredibly empowering experience in which I have watched women completely transform into confident bombshells in front of my camera! I have a strong passion to help other women recognize their perfectly designed beauty, starting from within. as someone who is in hot pursuit of a more confident and fulfilling life, the life I have always dreamed of, I realized that the most important step to healing the way we view ourselves as women begins with understanding our truths and approaching strongholds head-on. Through the boudoir experience, I hope that you can see your beauty in the artistic way that the female form was created, and that it would fuel your own self-empowerment journey!

Curious to find out more and connect with like-minded women reaching for something more? For starters, head on over to Facebook and join the “Shelbie Louviere Photography- Boudoir” group. It is a collaborative group for women ages 21 and up to chat all things boss babe and female empowerment! This group was designed with You in Mind where we can all share our gifts with each other and improve our female community one boudoir babe at a time!




We will collaborate together to make this the best possible experience for you! From outfits to package inclusions to pre-Payment plans, we will discuss it all during your pre-session consult leading up to your session! boudoir is a luxury experience and each session is tailored to you!


There are several local options for boudoir venues, and a couple of my favorites will be given to you to choose from! these two locations are included with your session package! Have a special location in mind? Let me know! While we are based in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, travel is always an available option.

all you need to know

Part of the BOUDOIR experience is me being of service to you to the best of my ability and that includes a BOUDOIR PREP guide! all of the questions you have ever had regarding boudoir will be answered in this guide to best prepare you for your session!