Katelyn & Zachery

I had the privilege of becoming friends with Kate my freshman year of college. We were both struggling our way through the transition from high school to college. It wasn't long before Kate and I became close friends, and I met her high school sweetheart Zach.  And boy were they sweet!! Kate moved away during her college career to attend a different school for nursing. We kept up through the years, and she's still one of the sweetest souls I've ever had the chance to meet. This girl has heart and Zach is the perfect compliment. They bring out the best in each other. Hanging out with them 6 years after we first became friends made me realize that true love gets better with time. These two are so madly in love! Each time we got in the vehicle, Zachery opened the door for his bride and showered her with affection and uplifting words. I could go on and on about these two, but I'll let Kate share a bit of their story herself!

"Nearly nine years ago at 11:11PM, a very nervous boy "wished" for me to become his girlfriend. I found myself saying "yes" even though I wasn't quite ready. He became smitten with me so quickly, but I couldn't return his feelings. So, he waited. He doted on me. He cared for me and forgave my shortcomings when I least deserved his grace. Eventually, I fell madly in love with the boy who nurtured me through some of the most difficult times in my life...And then it was my turn to wait.  Wait for him to find the person that he wanted to be. Wait for confirmation that the two of us would still be compatible.  That boy is now one of the most beautiful souls that anyone would be blessed to know. He is so loving and kind, compassionate and forgiving, strong and God-fearing. Loving him brings me more joy than I have ever known. There was no hesitation in my "yes" when that wonderful man asked me to marry him on top of that mountain in Hawaii. On May 12, 2017 I will marry the boy that grew into the man of my dreams. I pray that we are blessed with a lifetime of  deepening love." 


Hair and Makeup: Morgan Alexis Makeup Artistry

Location: Jungle Gardens, Avery Island